Online Worship

Online Worship Using Zoom 

In a desire to care for our neighbors and continue to provide worship during a time of suspended in-person gatherings at Hope Lutheran Church we are gathering for worship using Zoom Video Conferencing.

If you are a Zoom user already, you can connect to our Sunday worship service using this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/753234610?pwd=WTVQa3ZqMGdMQ3FkbUJjWjZKQTZFZz09

Meeting ID:  753234610
Password:  220503

If you are new to Zoom, no worries!  Below are instructions for how to set-up your computer, tablet, or smartphone to use Zoom along with a few tips to make using Zoom a great experience for everyone:

Setting Up Zoom 

If you’re using a computer, head to: www.zoom.us
If you’re on a smartphone or tablet, download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from your App Store.

Once you’re at the Zoom site (or have the app) sign-up for a free account.  On the website, look for the big blue button in the upper right corner that says “sign-up, it’s free”. On the app, look to the bottom where it says “Sign Up.”  Follow the steps to complete your information and then you’re set.

Now that you have your account, click on "settings" (it might look like a little sprocket wheel)
Once you are in the settings window select "Audio" to set your speaker and microphone audio levels.  Zoom is really good about walking you through this process.  
Next select "Video" to set your camera settings.  You can choose whether you want to be seen (we all want to see you, but it's your choice). Again, Zoom is good about providing instructions to help you through this process.

When it comes time to join us for Sunday Morning worship, use this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/753234610?pwd=WTVQa3ZqMGdMQ3FkbUJjWjZKQTZFZz09 or connect using Meeting ID: 753234610 Password: 220503

A Few Tips Once You've Joined Worship

When you join worship (Zoom will call this the “meeting”) here are a few things you should do:

  • click “join with computer audio”
  • click the “movie camera” icon to turn on your webcam. That way we can see one another in worship (you can choose to leave it off if you’d rather people not see you).
  • click on the “microphone” icon to mute and unmute yourself. During worship you’ll want to be muted, but before and after worship, we’ll have some time for conversation with one another.
  • click the “chat bubble” to open text chat. This is a great way to interact with one another without talking. Your chat messages will go to the whole group.
  • When you’re ready to leave, you press the button that says “leave the meeting”

 A few more tips about using Zoom:

  • When you first join each worship time (especially if you are joining after worship has started), please mute your microphone.
  • Use earbuds or headphones if possible (this may be a challenge if more than one person is joining worship from your location).  This will help you hear better and will reduce echo if you choose to join the dialogue.
  • Set your computer (or device) camera at eye level so that we see each other eye-to-eye instead of eye to nostril or mouth.  You can stack books, cans of food, or other level objects under your computer/device to help with this.

Most importantly, don't fret.  If things don't seem to be working right, call a trusted friend (who is tech savvy) and see if they can walk you through it OR you can contact Customer Support at Zoom, I've heard they are really good.