Mission, Vision, & Core Values


 "Making Christ Known through the Spirit of Hope"


In order to carry out our mission of “Making Christ Known Through the Spirit of Hope”, we believe God is calling us to become a congregation that builds bridges of hope connecting people to Jesus Christ and one another.


Bridge 1: Generosity –

            We seek to be a church that practices the kind of world changing, sacrificial generosity that Jesus shared by giving his life on the cross. We will call all members as individuals and the church as a body to follow Jesus’ example in giving of their time, talent, and finances in order to invest in God’s mission through Hope and our local and global partners. This includes the personal stewardship of each individual and family as well as the corporate stewardship of all God has entrusted to us as a congregation, including our buildings and our budget.

Bridge 2: Hospitality –

            We seek to be a church that welcomes all people as children of God, communes with those the world considers outcasts, and responds to the needs of our neighbors with grace and compassion. In practicing the intentional hospitality of Jesus, we will offer hope to our world by making room in our hearts, in our homes, and in our church for all neighbors, strangers and newcomers, to find renewal and reconciliation. We will become a church known in our neighborhood as a welcoming and inclusive community of faith.

Bridge 3: Worship –

            We seek to be a church whose worship transforms lives by shaping the way people think and live into the way of Jesus. We will create opportunities for all who gather to experience the forgiveness, reconciliation and hope of Christ through God’s word, the sacraments, and Christian community. Our expressions of worship will honor the diverse ways that people connect with God by drawing from the rich tradition of this congregation and by making room for innovation in music and liturgy.

Bridge 4: Learning –

            We seek to be a church that values life-long learning as a critical component of a life of faith. We will continue to support and develop the many educational ministries of this congregation. We will teach the character, values, and faith of Jesus, who calls each person to follow in his way of life.  We will partner with every home as a learning lab for faith, utilizing methods that appeal to all ages and learning styles in order to help people connect God’s story in the bible with their own life story.

Bridge 5: Calling -

            We seek to be a church that builds up the people of God to faithfully serve as ministers and missionaries for Christ in their daily lives. We will embed bridges of hope in our homes, places of work, schools, and neighborhoods by equipping every member to recognize and follow their unique, God-given callings. To do this, we will offer support, prayers, education, and mentoring to help people discover their strengths and passions and respond in joyful service and witness.