Advent 2016

The holiday season can stir deep emotions within each of us. Many children greet the advent of Christmas with joy and excitement, whereas those who have lost loved ones during the past year may find great sadness in the very same event. Thankfully, our God meets us wherever we are, both physically and emotionally. This Advent series gives voice to the complex situations and emotions with which we greet the coming Messiah and uses the reactions of those who first received the news of Jesus’ birth (Zechariah, Joseph, Mary, and the shepherds) to do so. These services acknowledge responses of fear, confusion, doubt, and curiosity, while the coming of Jesus promises comfort and joy for all of us.

Wk #2 - The Angel Speaks to Joseph's Confusion

Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00am, and also, Wedenesday evenings at 6:30pm for our Advent message. If you'd like, Wednesdays at 5:30pm, we also will have a community dinner that you can join in on before worship.